Corporate philosophy

the three departments which are development, production and sales

Total quality of Asahi Eito to meet customer needs.

Practicality and quality alone are not enough to meet a wide variety of customer needs. At we, Asahi Eito, by increasing the mutual communication between the three departments which are development, production and sales, we can quickly respond to various needs, such as pursuing color and design that suits the interior, as well as the functionality that lifecicle suits.


Capture trend and setup of road of the way for commercialization.

By gras ping trends from sales information and customer feedback,

We will leverage our know-how cultivated over many years to repeatedly complete trials and errors, such as safety/functionality/quality verification, design correction, etc., to enhance the degree of completion and commercialize.


Communication ability to win trust.

Earn trust by delivering products of reliable quality to the market, not to mention design. Deepen

Communication with markets, catch new trends and information quickly, and lead to commercialization.

We are creating such a virtuous cycle.


Providing the added value of safety through thorough quality control.

Realization of mass production at overseas production bases in China, Korea, Vietnam, etc. We, Asahi Eito deliver high quality products through thorough quality control at our production bases in each country and domestic double check system.